Once Brexit pushes through, Europeans living in the United Kingdom could be stranded in the United Kingdom without any legal rights. According to analysts, the British Immigration System does not have the constitution to handle floating individuals especially after a legal overhaul the Brexit may cause.

European diplomats believe the UK Immigration is incapable of handling millions of EU migrant documents to provide legal rights and decide who stays on time. The UK is set to restrict access to nationals from 27 other EU member states. The document from MEPs in the European parliaments employment committee said the UK has “no population register” that “makes it difficult to determine which citizens resided legally in the UK before Brexit.

According to a survey by the Observer, majority of UK nationals believe that EU migrants residing in the United Kingdom — despite the legality of their stay – should be given the automatic right to stay. A senior eastern European state diplomat said it was “surprising” that the UK could not manage to monitor the passage of European immigrants in their country and said the UK need to find a workable solution as soon as it can.

UK Prime Minister Theresa may is stressing on the importance of having an early deal on EU citizen rights before Brexit. However, the UK government has yet to give any “absolute assurances” and the government could use the premise as “a bargaining chip” during the country’s negotiations with the EU, experts said.